Friday, December 31, 2010

Historical Fiction Challenge 2011

I seem to have rotten luck with New Years' Eves. Over the last two years I have been saddled with colds - the headaching, fevery, coughy, and all around icky kind - that cause me to miss out on December 31st's night of partying.

Today, donned in a housecoat, I considered how to improve my blog for 2011. Coffee Tale Reviews was created in July 2010 and since then I have met many bloggers who partake in reading challenges. Until today I have shied away from these challenges (reading 100 books in 12 months sounds ever so intimidating). So, instead of getting ready for a night of New Years partying, I decided to search the blogosphere for a 2011 book challenge that fits me just right.

That is when I stumbled across Historical Tapestry.


Love is a complicated affair.

Susan Mallery's Irresistible tells the tale of two young Americans who pledge to avoid relationships and love at all costs.

Walker and Elissa, partners in an "it's-not-a-relationship" relationship, are brought together through a series of unfortunate events. Car troubles, bad dreams, overexcited children, unpleasant grandmothers, and restaurant jobs lead to increasing contact between the couple. Elissa's past as a struggling single mother and Walker's ex-Marine lifestyle create commitment issues for the pair, respectively. As this is a romance novel you know what eventually 'should' happen. However, I'll save you from any spoilers.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Picture Me Wednesday - 2010 In Review

This week I searched my photo archive for a picture that summed up my experience of 2010. I couldn't find just one. Instead, I've created a top five list of photos that illustrate some of the finer (and memorable) points of the year.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tune in Tuesday

I recently stumbled across G-Reads - a lovely book review and music promoting blog. Each Tuesday she hosts Tune in Tuesdays, a meme which highlights favourite old or new songs... and I couldn't resist joining in!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

BBC's Book List

Apparently, the BBC thinks most people have only read 6 out of the 100 books listed below.

After reading this list, I realllly want to get brushed up on my 19th century British literature. I've read 26 out of the list.

How many have you read?

Double Chocolate Cranberry Chunkies

Sweet Sunday Yummy Lit Review:
Double Chocolate Cranberry Chunkies

Over the last few weeks I have been remaking the cookies that I fell in love with during 2010. What can I say - I wanted to make sure that I only served the very best cookies to company, friends, and family during the holiday season.

One of the cookies I've been making by the batch this week has not been featured on Coffee Tale Reviews... yet.

The Anglo Files

I am currently reading The Anglo Files: A Field Guide to the British by Sarah Lyall. I have continually picked this book up, flipped through a few pages, and then placed it back onto the desk. Have I finished it? No.

At a surface glance Lyall's book is interesting and comical. She describes her experiences as an American woman immigrating to England, all for love I might add. She chronicles the dating fumbles of Englishmen, the English penchant for alcohol (which she claims would be considered alcoholism in North America), England's love and care for animals over children, and a faulty political system. She claims that England is typified by a culture abounding in homo-eroticism, a love for spanking (she says it reflects a childhood fetish), and a profound belief that sex must occur before the formation of a relationship.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Picture Me Wednesday - 2010 Week 5

Last week I went to a Carrie Underwood concert. I must admit that I am not a country music fan.

1. I do love American Idol and a lot of Carrie's music.
2. I have a friend who is addicted to country music.

3. I was able to score front row, side of the stage tickets.

How could I say no?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Long Distance Baking

Gingerbread Cookies:
Not a Sweet Sunday Yummy Lit Review

Have you ever baked with a friend over the phone? I never thought of it until E rang me during my gingerbread cookie baking session. I didn't quite feel like putting a stop to my baking nor telling him to ring another time. Instead, with phone rammed between my shoulder and ear, I had a halfway across the world 'baking-with-friends' experience.


Dear followers and readers alike,

I'm back. I'm back back. Back for good... or at least into the unforeseeable future.

Last Tuesday I completed my degree requirements at university. I won't become totally certified for a few months, but I like to think that as of right now I am done. It's a crazy concept.

After writing 20-page term papers and studying for a final exam, the very last thing I wanted to do was crack open a book or sit in front of my laptop to write out a blog post.

So, here I am one week later.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Picture Me Wednesday - 2010 Week 4

As an university student, and a slightly superstitious one at that, I have acquired a few studying patterns. I need cheerios before I look at my workbook in the morning. A warm cup of something (coffee, tea, hot chocolate... anything... well, almost anything) should be within reach 24/7. I'm usually always cold. So, it also helps to have a late night studying partner that likes to keep my feet warm. This is where my puppy comes into play....

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