Friday, October 28, 2011

October Library School Update

You know when you have SO much to do that you're stressed out? Combine stress with a whole whack of other negative feelings and boom -- that's my life tonight. I can't concentrate despite the looming library school deadlines. I feel confused, upset, rushed, headache-y, and stuck in one spot. It rather sucks...

Having said that, I do really love what I am learning. All of the material is finally clicking - I begin to see things in my environment in a new light. I'm slowly internalizing all of this pedagogy. So, I guess I am doing wonderful in one regard.

I have just a little over a month until Christmas break rolls around... and then sleep! And lots and lots of blogging. And reading for fun!! Oh how I've missed it!

PS - a big, bigggg collective hug to all of you! *hug*

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  1. I envy you that you still have a month left in your semester. I had a final today and I have one tomorrow, so all last week I was majorly stressed (especially since my classmates and I thought that the final we have tomorrow was supposed to be next week--surprise, the syllabus was wrong!). But, I'm kind of glad I'll be done with most of my classes after tomorrow, so I'll have extra time to work on my other class. And once that ends, I'll get a longer Christmas break than normal. But seriously, 10 and 11 week courses are super-stressful. I'd take 16-week courses any day.

    I'm glad school is going well for you! I assume it's going to get so much better once we're both done with the intro courses, too. Are you specializing in anything in particular?


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