Saturday, March 31, 2012

Parisian bookstore - tres chic

An interesting little video on a Parisian bookstore. I love, love, *love* the bookshelves and aura of this shop!

Ps - sorry, couldn't avoid throwing a little French into the title for this post! ;)

Monday, March 12, 2012

It's hard to forget the first time...

Somebody That I Used to Know, by Gotye, is pretty popular of late. Yet, I cannot stop loving the first version of the song that I heard a few months ago.

I was browsing YouTube for songs from Ingrid Michaelson's newest CD in early January when I stumbled upon this song:

The title screams that this is a cover, but I actually didn't pick that fact up until a few weeks ago when Gotye's version became popular in my hometown.

Today I am loving this song.
and those glasses, oh my goodness!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

From 1 masters degree to 2

First off - yayy for awesome songs!

*LOVE* this song! Carly is one of my favourites - this CD came out on valentines day!

In other news... Grad school life hasn't been that exciting - I don't even have any crazy stories to report on over the last month. February flew by, partly because it was a mad-dash to get ready for March assignment due dates. First year is officially over in less than a month!! I have a huge stack of books (you know, the fun ones with awesome plots and reviewable material) that I cannot wait to dive into starting April 9th.

I'd like to say that I am halfway done my two-year MLIS degree... but things have changed since I last wrote. I decided to do a dual masters degree. Two years from now I will be the proud owner of two masters degrees - an MLIS and MAS. I am so excited and so happy that I have this opportunity! Some of you may have picked up along the way of reading my posts that I am a history fanatic. The thought of being the person who manages, preserves, and promotes our cultural record is amazing. Someone pinch me!

Speaking of which, my newest assignment is finding out how to spend $6000 on preservation materials for a rbsc library. I should really get back to discussions on mold, appropriate shelving, and pH testing.... sigh.
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