The Blogger:

A 20-something woman with an insatiable caffeine craving and an unquenchable desire to read…. Well, that’s how some would describe me. 


I’m Ms. C and for as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with the literary world.  Reading has permitted me to travel to foreign lands without leaving my hometown, learn how to bake, and escape everyday life.  If there’s something to be read, I’ll read it. 


Apart from this, I am a proud Canadian, obsessed with the colour purple, an archival and library science graduate student, and a jogger when I feel like it.  Give me an apron and a cookie recipe and I’ll be the happiest girl ever… oh and I’m addicted to coffee.


The Blog:

Welcome to Coffee Tales - I'm ever-so-glad you stopped by!


I created this blog to review literature and share recipes.  Soon after, real life (and graduate school) took over my reading-for-fun and baking hours.  Coffee Tales is now the home of my tales as a library/archival grad student, book-lover, compulsive baker, coffee addict, adorer of funky music, and undercover YouTube addict.

I hope you enjoy your stay at my corner of the web.

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