Monday, August 13, 2012

Music Monday Feature

Hi everyone! 

I haven't been religiously blogging (and by that I mean keeping up with a schedule of posts) for awhile now.  Earlier today I thought that I needed something to keep me grounded in the blogging world, something to recap the weekend, and perhaps even a little something to act as motivation for whatever is to come during upcoming weeks.  That's when I thought of a Music Monday Feature.

How did music become the solution? 

While I was visiting blog's this weekend I noticed that a few bloggers have installed music players into their sites (ie: you visit their home page and -boom- there's Taylor Swifts' voice).  I love hearing what music other bloggers listen to but sometimes I find it really distracting to be reading posts and paying attention to an artists' lyrics.  Perhaps music would be best enjoyed as a post and feature all by itself?

Tune in to Coffee Tales each Monday for one of my favourite of-the-moment music videos or songs.  Each post will be labelled with a lyric selected from the featured song.  Sometimes less well-known artists will be featured... and sometimes those artists don't produce music videos.  In that case, please excuse any corny graphics that may come along with the YouTube version of a song.

Ms. C

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