Thursday, September 27, 2012

Me Before You

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Jojo Moyes has often been labelled a chick-lit writer.  However, I think she is anything but the producer of fluffy, inconsequential romances.  Moyes does write love stories... but her tales are able to combine controversial topics, emotion, hilarity, and intense drama.

Moyes explores the everyday life of individuals with severe physical disabilities within her work Me Before You.  The story centers around Will, a quadriplegic young man who was once highly active, and his budding relationship with Lou, his caretaker.  Readers are introduced to each character before they meet - thus we are able to view Will as a young athletic business man at the top of his world and Lou as a recently laid of cafe employee supporting her parents and sister on minimum wage.  Moyes does an excellent job of developing the characters and portraying the tensions in each one's life which ultimately bring them together.

Moyes discusses the highly controversial topic of assisted suicide.  The emotional tole of enduring a physical disability, for both Will and his family, is deeply examined within this book.  Will questions his continued existence as Lou seeks to embed him with happiness and a joy for life.  Me Before You is premised on Lou and Will's quest to find happiness through life or death.

Me Before You is profound and truly makes one question the value of life.  Do we, as individuals, have the right to help the one's we love end their lives if it is truly what they wish?  What does one do when faced with this delimma?

Moyes discusses an extremely dark topic while remaining uplifting and humorous.  Me Before You will make you cry, laugh, and ultimately bring a new interpretation of those with disabilities and assisted suicide. 

I highly recommend this book - Me Before You is the best book I have read yet this year.  I know I am not the only one who holds this opinion - check and you will find that 86% of those who reviewed the book listed it as a 5 star read.

As a close, you may view the book's trailer here:

PS - Jojo Moyes' newest work, The Girl You Left Behind, comes out today, 27 September 2012.  May I suggest you run off and grab a copy?  I know that is exactly what I am planning to do today!

Bibliographical Information:
Moyes, J.  (2012).  Me before you.  London: Penguin Books.

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  1. How timely--I just finished reading this book a couple of days ago but haven't written my review of it yet. I thought the book, while being entirely predictable, was also wholly engrossing. the book isn't out here in the US yet--not until December--so I'll have to wait even longer for the new one that's releasing soon where you are.


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