Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy One Year

This time last year I had just met E, now my Englishman, who happened to live halfway across the world. I decided to devote my spare time to reading and reviewing books, coffee cup in hand. I wrote my first blog post.

Today I spent my afternoon in an *unhappy* airport, experienced a torrential rainstorm, thunder, and lightening. As fate would have it, E left Canada on Coffee Tale Reviews' 1 year anniversary. The fact that this little blog has made it through a year is a bittersweet affair.

I would like to thank each and every one of my readers, followers, authors, publishers, friends, and family members for your kind comments, suggestions, or promotions.

Thank you for making a wonderful year at Coffee Tale Reviews.

PS - A 1 year anniversary isn't complete without some stats:
179 posts
41 books read & reviewed
25 yummy recipes tested


  1. Happy anniversary! I'm sorry he had to leave. :( I think you need to re-read an old favorite to make you feel better - that always works for me!

  2. Thanks for the well wishes Pepca, Sarah, Meg, & Barmybex!



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