Thursday, July 7, 2011

Katy Carter Wants a Hero

Ruth Saberton's Katy Carter Wants a Hero chronicles one woman's tale of self-discovery. Katy Carter, Saberton's protagonist, is a disgruntled London high school teacher who believes that the kind of men from her well-read storybook romances truly do exist. But... do they really?

Katy Carter Wants a Hero is most definitely chick-lit at its finest. The novel's title, cover, and content attest to this. Readers are exposed to a gamut of experiences ranging from emotional abuse, love, and heartbreak (in no particular order). Saberton is able to write a happy and upbeat plot with its own underbelly of dark emotions.

How people perceive 'love' is perhaps the most important message in Saberton's fun and quirky storyline. She suggests that love is not akin to the ravaging scenes so often portrayed in romance stories. Instead, love is a much deeper connection between a couple, regardless of sexual orientation. Saberton's tale ultimately proclaims that love is most certainly dynamic, complex, misunderstood and misrepresented in our contemporary society.

Bibliographic Reference:
Saberton, Ruth. Katy Carter Wants a Hero. London: Orion Publishing Group, 2010.

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