Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

Earlier this month I was nominated for the "Liebster Blog Award" by Aspen at Confessions of an Inner Aspen.  Check out her site if you have not already - it is truly lovely!

I haven't heard of this blogging award before, so here are its details:

Winners answer 11 questions provided by whoever tagged you, provide 11 facts about themselves, and choose 11 followers to bestow the award upon, so long as they have 200 followers or less.  

They sure do make you work for this award!  I have been majorly stuck on time this month (lots of wedding prep for JJ) and would find it really difficult to select 11 blogs under normal circumstances... which is why I have not yet responded to this nomination.

I would like to thank Aspen for nominating me.  However, I won't be nominating a further 11 blogs nor will I list 11 facts about myself due to time constraints.  But, in honour of the award and Aspen's kind choice to include me on her blog list, answers to her 11 questions follow....

Answers to Aspen's 11 questions:

1. If you could choose to have any superpower which would you choose and why?
To be able to read others minds... I've thought about this many times while bored on public transit!

2. You go into a coffee shop. What do you order?
Black coffee straight up.

3. Imagine there is a majestic coconut. What would you change about it? It's flavor? It's shell? Be creative!
It's texture.  I like the taste of coconut but its texture is too stringy.

4. Did you know that strawberries have natural teeth whitening properties?

5. What are your literary pet peeves? List as many or as few as you like!
Author's who continually mention the same facts about their characters over and over again.  Take, for example, Danielle Steel.  Now, I do like reading her work from time to time, but I find she continually repeats her sentences!  Argh, so annoying!

6. If you could create your own literary award to give out, what would you call it?
The Most Read-a-licious Blog

7. If you had a bag of Bernie Botts Every Flavor Beans, which flavor would you be most afraid of choosing?
Boogies!  I wouldn't like vomit either.  However, the fact that boogies are not meant to go in your mouth (unlike vomit) makes them even worse!

8. What do you think the biggest problem for a person with three arms would be?
Finding clothes to match their body type.  I already don't like clothes shopping and cannot imagine how difficult it would be if I had to try to fit another arm into my sweaters.

9. What are the two things for which you are most grateful that your parents provided you?
Love and a home.

10. "If you had the chance to change your fate, would you do it?" - From Brave, Pixar's newest motion picture
Nope, I've always said 'what is meant to be will be.'  I don't want to go messing around with that!

11. For one reason or another, you must go away to a deserted island. You can take one item with you. What do you choose? choose wisely... :)
A cruise ship, so I can get off the deserted island in luxury!

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