Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Slight Departure

Apparently I can't stick to one topic. I've always been indecisive... I can hear the snickers and see the eye rolls already... and I've fought long and hard with myself to continue C.T.R. as a strictly "hardcore" literary review blog. However, I feel like I am pushing away one of my other strong passions - baking cookies! So... what shall I do?

Let me start by saying "I'm Dutch." This means I could walk around in wooden shoes if I realllly wanted to without looking too crazy, and yes, I do have a fondness for cheese and Heineken. The Dutch are also known for having cookies with their coffee. Go to Holland, order a coffee, and I'm pretty sure a cookie will end up in front of you as well.

C.T.R. has been based on my thoughts while reading with a cup of strong and lovely coffee nearby. And while reading can be performed with coffee or without, while sitting in a comphy chair or running on a treadmill, it can also be enjoyed with a plate of fresh fruit... or a cookie. At least this is how I rationalized my decision.

C.T.R. will remain "Coffee Tale Reviews: The Literary Musings of a Coffee Addict."

The only catch?

C.T.R. will also review recipes. The yummier cousin of literature, pictures of the final baked products, and corresponding reviews will all be recorded in the Yummy Lit section.

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