Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hello, Hello!

So sorry to leave this blog unattended for so long! I finished my first semester at Library School in early December. I was exhausted and the thought of blogging was way too much for my body or mind to fathom immediately after handing in my last assignment.

Flash-forward a week after gaining freedom from Library School's due dates... and E was here for the holidays. He *almost* missed the plane. He's asked me not to glorify his actions - but I can't resist. He was stuck in traffic in London and ended up running for the plane (he's got all the athletic skill in this relationship haha). There were a few minutes I believed he wouldn't make the flight... and when he finally told me he was seconds from take off I was ecstatic!

During the holiday season I acquired a Sony ereader. I know this blog proudly displays the sign "i pledge to read the printed word." And, don't get me wrong, I still do. However, I have fallen in love with the ereader... and I know it will come in handy next time I travel across the Atlantic (*hint - there's a future trip a'brewing!).

I'm now in Library School's second semester. I am so glad I finished my foundation classes - they were brutal. However, I now have major procrastination problems... I'd like to think that is not why I'm writing here... but you and me both know it probably has something to do with it ;)

I may not be able to read as frequently as I would wish, but I am still planning to keep Coffee Tales up. Future posts will provide accounts of caffeinated graduate school adventures of many shapes and forms... along with book entries and hopefully a recipe or two.

Hope all is well,
Ms. C


  1. Running for the plane... reminds me of this past summer when I almost missed my flight to MB lol. Hopefully I won't do THAT again!
    p.s. I still think you should join twitter. Then when you don't have time to necessary blog, but you still want a break from the books, you can do mini updates ;)

    1. Lol no, not a good idea to almost miss flights! He got to the plane with one minute to spare. Because of the time crunch (and the fact that he couldn't run with bags) he had to leave his luggage in London... So he pretty much survived off of what he was wearing when he boarded the plane and a few things bought here.

      I did create a coffeetales Twitter account in December but didn't get far on it... maybe I should delve into it again :)

    2. Oh man! That would suck lol.

      I'm going to go check your twitter out!


      That's me. What's yours? :)

  2. Congrats on getting through the semester!!! I agree - the first semester of library school was a bit much .... actually, my second semester was the worst one (I loaded up with heavy-volume classes... which was a mistake).

    Definitely include graduate school adventures from time to time! And good luck!!

    1. Thanks! Ahh, please don't tell me second semester is worse... That's some scariness right there haha


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