Friday, January 20, 2012

Librarian 101

You know you're becoming a librarian when:
your writing a paper and need to find a source on what 'privacy' means in the Canadian context.


I know plenty of you are wondering how this all fits into becoming a librarian... let me explain.

This morning, when confronted with this very problem (and fueled by 8 cups of coffee), I began searching my university library's OPAC for academic journal articles. I've always looked to scholarly journal articles for citation needs - they were perfect in plunking a bit of needed credibility into my old undergrad term papers.

However, journal articles weren't cutting it for me today. I took a step back... I thought... and then I realized what I'm actually searching for -- definitions! One flashback to classes on reference sources and "that's a bingo!!" I found the perfect (reputable and Canadian) online dictionary for my needs.

Suddenly all of last semester's information on 'where to look for what' when answering reference interview questions is paying off for my own paper-writing needs.


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