Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Helen Humphreys' Conventry: A Novel portrays the National Socialist bombing of Coventry, England, during World War II.  This book is a fast read which permits its readers to become lost in English culture and values during the turbulent 1940s. 

Humphreys captures her audience through her tale of Harriet Marsh and others living in Coventry during the November night of the bombings.  The destruction wrecked on individuals, families, animals, and the architecture of Coventry is vividly described throughout her work. 

At 172 pages, Humphreys' novel is a fast and enjoyable read.  I found myself quickly attaching to the characters and soon enraptured in the twisting plot.   Coventry: A Novel provides a pivotal window into one destructive and harrowing experience of the Blitz.

Bibliographical Information:
Humphreys, H.  (2008).  Coventry: A novel.  Toronto: Harper Collins Publishers, Ltd.

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