Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Helen Warner weaves a tale of weddings, lost loves, and mixed messages in her novel RSVP.  Warner tells the story of Anna, a love lorn young woman who never got over her ex, in modern London.  Emotions come to a boil when she is invited to her ex's wedding ten years later.

I have a love-hate relationship with this book (almost seems fitting due to its theme, hehe).  I loved the beginning of this book - I began to read it during a much needed escape from end of year graduate school projects.  I also took this book along with me to Vegas and managed to finish it on the plane ride home. However, the book's second half and ending were much to cliche and divergent from the book's actual premise.

I found myself guessing what would happen in the novel before it actually did happen.  Have you watched chick flicks or read a few romance novels? Then you will know whats going to happen in this story, too.

Overall, I did enjoy Warner's writing style and found her book a pleasurable read.  I would have enjoyed a less predictable plot and perhaps characters that I did not want to actually chuck the book at after halfway through the read. The solution?  Perhaps this book could have been made 100 pages shorter... then I would love, love, *love* this novel.

Bibliographic Information:
Warner, H.  (2011).  RSVP.  London:  Simon and Schuster UK Ltd.

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