Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Picture Me Wednesday 2010

This week a light bulb went off in my head. OK, maybe not so much a light bulb but one of those cute little comic-book thought bubbles with "Photos!!" emblazoned in it. It was at that moment that Picture me Wednesday was created.

I love taking pictures. My friends will know that my trusty Sony camera is usually within reach or stowed deep within my handbag *side-note: I have a thing for handbags*. I figured I needed a new home for photos, and what's a better home than a blog?

Come on by Coffee Tale Reviews for Picture Me Wednesday. They say a photo says a thousand words, let's see if it is really true.

This week's photo theme: Stuck in the middle with you
(Remember that song? The video's kind of atrocious but the music's good!)

I found this table in one of Vancouver's many food courts this week. A Christmas themed Starbucks cup, transit newspaper, and something like 10 bags of Nibs were scattered across the deserted surface. Christmas cups and leftover Halloween candy? I knew I had to take a picture.

I don't know what else could sum up the second week of November better - that in-between time of getting over Halloween candy hangovers and the beginning rush of Christmas cheer.


  1. That's a humorous picture... I like being somewhere between a Halloween candy sugar rush & the bliss of the holiday season! :)

  2. Thanks, Bailey! Haha, yes I agree... I love November - it's candy and holiday vibe is intoxicating.


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