Monday, December 20, 2010


Dear followers and readers alike,

I'm back. I'm back back. Back for good... or at least into the unforeseeable future.

Last Tuesday I completed my degree requirements at university. I won't become totally certified for a few months, but I like to think that as of right now I am done. It's a crazy concept.

After writing 20-page term papers and studying for a final exam, the very last thing I wanted to do was crack open a book or sit in front of my laptop to write out a blog post.

So, here I am one week later.

I'm currently reading two books - Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger and The Anglo Files: A Field Guide to the British by Sarah Lyall. Reviews of them shall be up shortly. But, as of right now I must say that Niffenegger's book is a disappointing read. Have you read it? Does it pick up as you get deeper into the book? Let us hope so!

Happy Holidays and speak soon,

Ms. C


  1. Welcome back and congrats on finishing all that university work!

  2. Welcome back! That's exciting about completing your university work!

  3. Congratulations! Glad you're back!

  4. Thanks Red, Bailey, and Bev! I can't wait to start writing reviews again... soon!


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