Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Picture Me Wednesday - 2010 In Review

This week I searched my photo archive for a picture that summed up my experience of 2010. I couldn't find just one. Instead, I've created a top five list of photos that illustrate some of the finer (and memorable) points of the year.

1) Olympic Flame
I'm a Vancouver girl through and through. I love my city. I may not be the most patriotic Canadian and I may be a History major that avoids discussion on her own country's history... but the Olympics brought a whole new dimension to patriotism. Seeing the flame in person, attending ceremonies, partaking in the street festivities, seeing the Olympic rings lit in gold to celebrate our victories, and the continual random singing of O Canada throughout the streets... The Olympics made me fall in love with my country all over again.

2) Winnipeg
This year one of my very dear friends became a Mrs. As maid of honour I helped her along the way to the big day, hosted a stagette, and flew to Winnipeg for the wedding. The ceremony was on this beach.

3) Visiting Eastern America
I mentioned my trip to eastern America back in August on Coffee Tale Reviews. It was a wonderful holiday with many highlights. One of my favourite stops along the way was Washington, DC. If any of the guys I stayed with read this: thanks for everything!

4) The End of University
A list of my top memories of 2010 would be incomplete without some mention of the end of my university studies. This year was the first, and subsequently last, time I have purposefully taken a camera to class to document my days of studying. I wanted to capture the end of a lonnnnnnnng process. This picture is of one of my school's many murals.

5) E the Englishman
I had the pleasure of being reacquainted with E this year. This is a sketch that an artist on one of Vancouver's streets drew of us on a late September afternoon.

Happy New Year!!

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