Friday, December 31, 2010

Historical Fiction Challenge 2011

I seem to have rotten luck with New Years' Eves. Over the last two years I have been saddled with colds - the headaching, fevery, coughy, and all around icky kind - that cause me to miss out on December 31st's night of partying.

Today, donned in a housecoat, I considered how to improve my blog for 2011. Coffee Tale Reviews was created in July 2010 and since then I have met many bloggers who partake in reading challenges. Until today I have shied away from these challenges (reading 100 books in 12 months sounds ever so intimidating). So, instead of getting ready for a night of New Years partying, I decided to search the blogosphere for a 2011 book challenge that fits me just right.

That is when I stumbled across Historical Tapestry.

During the next year Historical Tapestry, a wonderful historical fiction blog, will host The Historical Fiction Challenge 2011.

As a history major and a heritage volunteer, I know I have found the right challenge for me. At first I wondered if this challenge would be too easy - I thrive off of reading history related work. However, a glance at my Coffee Tale Reviews' bookshelf says otherwise.

Over the last six months I have read only six historical works (fiction and non-fiction). For 2011, I'm setting out to read 15 historical books.

I find it hard to draw the line between what would be considered historical fiction and what is more of a contemporary nature... So, as a rule, all of the reviews I include for this challenge will be on books based before 1960. This works quite well, as my historical interests lie between the nineteenth and mid-twentieth centuries. The only downside to the challenge is that historical non-fiction works do not seem to be included in the count. I guess I'll have to read those on the side!

Happy New Year. I hope you have a lovely night, wherever it may take you.

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