Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Picture Me Wednesday - 2010 Week 4

As an university student, and a slightly superstitious one at that, I have acquired a few studying patterns. I need cheerios before I look at my workbook in the morning. A warm cup of something (coffee, tea, hot chocolate... anything... well, almost anything) should be within reach 24/7. I'm usually always cold. So, it also helps to have a late night studying partner that likes to keep my feet warm. This is where my puppy comes into play....

Chewed holes through walls? Yes
Eaten the lino? Yes
Destroyed every flower in the garden? Yes
Fractured a leg? Yes.
High maintenance? Always.

She's my special needs puppy but I love her to pieces. She may be well past her prime to call her a puppy, but to me she always will be that little yellow hyperactive puppy I fell in love with six years ago.

And she's dang loyal, too. Especially when I dangle doggie treats above her nose.

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