Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sweet and Yummy, Where Art Thou?

I have a confession. I'm tired of baking cookies.

Well, not really baking - its more the consumption part of the equation that gets to me. This past holiday season cookie-d me out. I cookie OD'ed. I find it even shocking to write, let alone come to terms with these sentences.

I do not have one of those New Years' resolutions of "must lose weight." I've done that successfully and without the motivating force of a New Year. However, I do know that Sweet Sunday's Yummy Lit Reviews are not the healthiest component of my lifestyle.

So, I believe I need to compromise.

Sweet Sunday's will not be taken off my blog (I love it way too much to completely disown the poor thing). But, I will not be featuring my baking exploits every week as I originally stated last summer.

Sweet Sunday's Yummy Lit Review will be updated on Sundays... just not every Sunday. There will still be months where each Sunday has a post - but I'm not sure when exactly that will be.

As for this upcoming Sunday... make sure to drop by for a visit if you have a craving for a moist, sugary, and nutty muffin baking exploit.

Also, have no fear - the cookies will be back..... eventually :)

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  1. I know exactly what you mean - I'm seriously sugared out from the holidays. There was a huge snowstorm at the weekend which usually prompts a mad baking spree... but not this time.

    Glad to know Yummy Lit isn't going away though.


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