Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lazy Sunday (1)

It is the last half hour of Sunday and I have one last meme. Franny, the creator of the wonderful Mind Reader, has asked me to participate in her Lazy Sunday. Well, here I go!

Q: What is your favourite Disney's Princess and why?
I have to admit that it was this week's question that pulled me in. I *love* Disney! I grew up watching each and every Disney movie I could get my hands on... and I still put on the classic Disney film's every once in awhile.

Ariel is my favourite princess -- a girl who lives in the sea, falls in love with a human male, gives up everything to be able to be with him - including her voice.

I used to run around in Little Mermaid themed clothes, costumes, and bathing suits as a child. However, when I see The Little Mermaid today I am led to contemplate Disney's portrayal of a young woman using her body (and not her voice or intellect) to attract a man. Hmm.


  1. Hi!, thanks for joining my meme!! Well, Ariel's voice has always been admirable :)
    Hope to see you next week too!

  2. You make a good point about Disney, Ms. C. But then again, I was a Disney kid, too, so I can't fault them completely. My favorite princess was always Belle from Beauty and the Beast. :)


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