Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Wedding

I'll admit that I have taken a long time to write about the wedding... I wasn't really in one place shortly after April 29th. I wanted to see the wedding's aftermath in England. I also wanted to see how my North American hometown had reacted to the wedding.

Lead up to the wedding was intense in UK stores and press. The news constantly mentioned what the couple was up to, how Kate was to spend her last night as a non-Royal, and even how you could celebrate the big day. Street party posters littered the streets. Store displays all aimed to celebrate and congratulate the Royals. Museums' featured the history behind England's Royal Weddings.

In a Chester mall.

Newspaper article mid-April.

Hanley Museum, Stoke.

However, the average English person did not seem to be into the hype. On April 28th, my taxi driver continued to bash the Royal pair and claim that they were waisting Britain's precious money. There was a lot of contempt in the air, especially in England's northern regions.

Did this change after the wedding? Not so much. Comments abounded on 'the dress' and attendees' hats. The wedding made people comment on fashion, not British nationalism.

The atmosphere at the capital was extremely different from northern England. During my last few days in England, E and I ventured into London. Remains of the wedding were still to be found - the media rooms, stands for crowds, and flags were being removed from the premises. Lineups to get into Westminster Cathedral stretched across blocks a week after the wedding.

Flags at the entrance to the Mall.

The media box at Buckingham Palace.

Line ups to get into the Cathedral.

Flash forward a few short days, and I'm back in my Canadian town. Here, newspapers abound with sentiments of nationalism and hope. Articles continually mention "Canada's future King." Papers claim that the wedding has united Britain. Yesterday, I saw people buying Royal Wedding souvenirs at my local store. The only people buying souvenirs in England were, for the most part, tourists. It seems the Commonwealth nations were (and are) more excited for the wedding than the British Isles.

With all this in mind, there has still been a lot of positive press on the latest Royal wedding. I mean, who didn't love Catherine's dress? Albeit, the ceremony was long... but proper. The day was full of youth, celebration, and love.

My one question - Prince William, why no ring?


  1. I wondered that myself about the ring! I can only imagine what it would have been like in England just before the wedding. It doesn't surprise me that the shops were trying to cash in on the retail value of the event and many of the actual English public were apathetic or appauled by it. I suppose with the royals you are either in or you are out, with not much inbetween.

  2. Wow those lineups are crazy! I was totally wondering about the ring too.. when I was watching the ceremony I thought I had missed it or something lol.

  3. Apparently people (men) of William's social class don't always wear wedding rings. At least that's what my mom read in a magazine.
    I still think the choice was exceedingly strange and I don't know why they (the queen, the royal PR people, etc) let him do it.
    I guess everyone knows that he's married now, but to me is screams gonna-cheat-on-my-wife.


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