Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Cookie Speaks

Tonight, after a dinner of Chinese food, I was greeted with three fortune cookie paper slips. One cookie, three slips... that's bang for your buck!

I think these fortunes are eerie considering my circumstances:

"Next month will prove to be pivotal" -- In a few days I will be leaving my country for over a month.

"Make as many corrections as you consider needed" -- I think this is just good and solid advice for everyone... but I am very prone to over-analyzing and problem-solving my everyday life.

"A new chapter in your life is being written" -- This so connects to my first fortune... plus the fact that I'm a newly admitted Graduate student!

I'm sure almost everyone can relate something in their lives to these fortune slips... but I'll go with it.

What can I say? I'm a superstitious girl.


  1. Can't argue with fortune cookies! Your future's looking good :D

  2. Wow, triple fortunes! :D I've only ever found double fortunes in my cookie, but wow, it looks like there's a lot of goodness coming your way, Ms. C. And congratulations on being admitted as a grad student!

  3. Those are some good fortunes! And Kudos on grad school!!

  4. Thanks for visiting and the congrats Samantha, DJL, and Erica. I'm so excited to start grad school in September - I'm going in for a MLIS degree :)

  5. Excellent, a new librarian in the making!

  6. Aren't fortunes grand?!?! I keep all of mine and even one in my wallet. My favorite says "Any problem can be solved with green tea ice cream." I am waiting to put that one to the test! Your new endeavors sound delightful...the universe is certainly speaking to you that you're moving in the right direction :)


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