Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

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1. This week I've been loving Paolo Nutini's music. I absolutely adore this man's unique voice. E introduced me to Nutini's music earlier this year and I fell in love.

2. I love the muffins I made this past Sunday night. They were so so so yummy. I usually can't get muffins to rise like the store-bought variety, but I managed to with this recipe.

Also, never ever make a Facebook status that says: "I can't believe what is in my oven right now!" People assume you're with child and not that your ever-so proud of your rapidly rising muffins! Whoooops.

3. And, what I love most of all? In just a few short day's I'll be with E. I'm off to England!


  1. Those muffins are so amazing and as soon as I'm not on the super strict part of my diet I am going to make them!

    I really love Paolo Nutini too- it's hard to believe he's still so young!

  2. What great things you are loving today! I hope that you had a great Wednesday!

  3. Those muffins look scrumptious. Officially jealous of your baking skills. (LOL on your FB status confusion!) :D

  4. One of his songs is also in P.S. I love you! :)


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