Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wedding Bells & Princesses

My stay in England just so happens to coincide with Kate and Wills wedding. The timing happened completely by chance, but I am ever-so-glad the wedding and my holiday fell into the same time period.

Viewing the hype leading up to today has been very interesting. I have taken many pictures of store displays, and yes, I have fallen into the tourist trap of buying products depicted with images of the couple. Limited 'Royal' Editions of Cinderella, Little Miss Princess Books, cookies, flags... you name it, and it's probably featuring tomorrow's Royal wedding somehow.

But, how are the English responding to the wedding? Are they eagerly awaiting tomorrow's tv coverage? To put it bluntly - not so much.

However, I'm looking forward to seeing Kate walk down the isle. I can't wait to see what her dress looks like. I guess I'm a girly girl. I can see a wedding, history in the making, and a girl becoming a princess... how could I say not join in on the hype?

I'll let you know how tomorrow goes on this side of the pond!


  1. Oh, how wonderful! You'll get to experience the royal wedding firsthand, Ms. C! :) Perhaps the British are containing their excitement in public view, but there are so many of us who are eager to see this wedding. I can't wait to see her dress, too, it's been under wraps so long. Have fun!

  2. Aww Little Miss Princess books!?!? I remember when my SA told me about how she saw them on the news or something during my practicum. I can't blame you for buying all the goodies, I would probably be doing the same if I was there! lol. I'm looking forward to seeing her dress too.. guess I'm going to have to pvr it.. no way I'm saying up that late! lol

  3. Looking forward to reading your take on the event. I'm watching it on CNN now :)


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