Sunday, October 24, 2010

Evaluations, New and Old

On Saturday night I decided to re-watch Tremors. I remember when the movie first came out - all of the neighborhood children were afraid of those big worm-like things living underground. I found it amusing as a child... I guess I've always had a weird sense of humour.

Re-watching the movie tonight led to reevaluations. Was it still amusing? Not really. Scary? Nope. Funny? Definitely not. I guess not everything gets better with age, including opinions on films.

However, K informed me of a humorous site a few days ago. After a few good (and well-deserved) laughs, I thought I would pass it on to you. Visit Not Always Right to discover the amusing, hilarious, ridiculous antics customers get up to in the retail world.

I assure you that browsing through this site has a lot more entertainment value than sitting through 2 hours of Tremors.

Enjoy :)

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