Saturday, October 2, 2010

Munro's Books

Last weekend I travelled with E to Vancouver Island. It was a lovely day of sunshine, music, comedy, museums, and (of course) a trip to one of BC's oldest bookstores. Located in Victoria, Munro's Books provides visitors with all the selection of Chapters and the quaint warmth and coziness of a traditional old-fashioned bookstore. It's even been described as "the most magnificent bookstore in Canada, possibly in North America" - I'm not lying, either - check out their website at

It is impossible for me to leave a bookstore of this magnitude without a few good finds. Due to my current inability to read anything that has not been prescribed by my university I restricted my shopping experience to two books.

My finds? The Anglo Files by Sarah Lyall and Germany 1945 by Richard Bessel. I can't wait for December when I can crack open the spines of these works with a big mug of coffee in hand.

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