Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Very Thought of You

In January, E brought me one of his previously read books. He claimed that I would love it... lets just say he knows me pretty well.

The Very Thought of You, Rosie Alison's novel based on 1940s England, depicts a complicated marriage and kaleidoscope of love relationships during the Second World War.

Alison does an excellent job portraying the tale of a London girl sent to a Yorkshire boarding school for protection during the Blitz. Alison expertly describes relationships between lovers who must hide their infatuation in order to remain safe during the war-torn climate. And, most hauntingly of all, she illustrates the lifelong psychological effects of one's first love and the tragedies of war. The Very Thought of You is suspenseful, engaging, and an addictive read, yet also dark and depressing.

E was right - I do love this book. I found little excuses to bring out The Very Thought of You throughout the day (i.e. public transit rides, waiting in offices). It's not that I don't normally read during such moments... it is just that I didn't quite expect to be reading anything with E here for four weeks.

I most definitely recommend this book to those searching for a dramatic love story set in the chaotic time period of the Blitz. I don't think you will be disappointed.

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