Monday, June 11, 2012

From the Land of E to Home

Over the past four weeks I have been in England.  I seem to have good timing for travel - last year I was able to see Will and Kate's royal wedding while the jubilee was in full swing this time around.  I swear I didn't plan it!  Actually, I didn't even know the true date of the jubilee until I landed and heard all of the British news coverage leading up to the big weekend celebrations.

So, how was the Land of E? ---- Great! 

I loved each and every minute... besides those dreadful final goodbyes.   E and I were able to visit awesome literary sites (the birthplace of Shakespeare and the Harry Potter studio tour in London). Partly my jet lag and partly my cold - I managed to be sick my entire stay and am currently propped up in bed - prevent me from further explaining these awesome sites.  That, and the fact that Potter and Shakespeare deserve far more than a few sentences.   Over the next little while I will upload both photos and stories from these very places.

PS - I may be a coffee addict but tea is another one of my weaknesses.  Stay tuned for a very British tea tasting review held from Nottingham!

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