Monday, June 25, 2012

Something From Tiffany's

Melissa Hill's Something From Tiffany's questions the decisions behind love, engagement, and ultimately finding one's happily ever after.  How do you know your partner is truly 'the one?'  Is 'the one' even a honest-to-goodness real concept or are people just settling under its pretenses?  Is the bling more important than the love that is shared?

Hill presents readers with a complex ring-triangle.  The story centers on one man's decision to purchase an engagement ring for his girlfriend, another man's last minute call to buy a charm bracelet in order to pacify his girlfriend, and an untimely mix-up of shopping bags.  Shopping bags are accidentally switched and each couple must deal with the repercussions of the other's gift in their respective relationships.

I found that Hill's book was predictable.  I found myself already knowing where the plot would lead before I read their respective lines.  I also came to dislike the characters within the story due to personality quirks - admittedly, I can see that these characters were created to be disliked... but still! 

This book is a great piece of escapist, chick-lit literature.  I found Hill's work an extremely easy and fast read - in fact, it was read within hours.  I read Something from Tiffany's shortly after completing my first year of grad school and I must say that it was a great, great treat to read.

* Be warned - the book centers around the Christmas holiday season.  Try it during the months of November or December if you do decide to give it a read.

Bibliographic Information:
Hill, M.  (2011).  Something from Tiffany's.  London: Hodder & Stoughton Ltd.

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