Thursday, June 14, 2012

Love, Books, and Marriage

I stumbled upon a story of love, books, and marriage while surfing through Twitter earlier this afternoon. 

This article, featured at Quill & Quire, describes Naly and Ben's recent Toronto wedding (congrats!).  The couple, who met at Davenport Public Library, decided to hold their wedding vows at Ben McNally Books as the store's name is eerily similar to their own. 

This led me to ponder.... would I want to get married in a bookstore or library? 

While reading this article I immediately thought of Sex and the City and Carrie's use of the New York Public Library for her wedding venue.  She rationalized that the library was the perfect location for a wedding as it held all of the world's greatest love stories.  How romantic!

Me.... while, I've always wanted to get married in a castle.  Or someplace that looked vaguely like a castle.  I recently joked that I should just find a brick wall somewhere, considering the amount of castles Canada has to offer.  However, I can see potential if a really cool, old-fashioned, European style library popped up on my soil.

Would you combine love and books on your big day?

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