Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Written Impact

I recently finished a Jojo Moyes novel.  I cannot get enough of her writing!  I began a Google search of her work after I finished the final page of Me Before You (Moyes, 2012).  I had already read The Last Letter From Your Lover (which is high up on my favourite book list - check out my review here).  Moyes has a couple other books out which I know I will soon be reading.

My Google search was fruitful apart from finding Moyes' other novels.  It turns out Moyes, a journalist, has also written some interesting articles for The Telegraph.  In one from 2010, she explores how difficult it is to write a sex scene in a novel.  She also discusses literature's ability to help calm individuals (both readers and writers) under stress, anxiety, and depression.

One of my favourite Moyes' lines is: 

...writing really well about sex can be problematic in itself. If I write about war brides, Sixties society, or haute école dressage, everyone assumes I’ve read around my subject matter. Equally, on the few occasions I’ve written something even vaguely explicit I’ve had knowing looks – even the odd wink – at the school gates.
~ from: Writing a sex scene is an impossible task.

I love how Moyes, apart from producing amazingly powerful novels, is also able to explore the intricacies of writing in an engaging and entertaining way.  Thank you, Moyes!

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